The Spooky Intensity of Mini-bosses in Lies of P

Andrew Singleton


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In the world of video games, there is a unique category known as 'Soulslike' games that linger on the harsher side of difficulty. One such game that falls in this group is the critically acclaimed title, "Lies of P." This dark tale presents players with many challenge-reward delicacies. Among those, mini-bosses stand out as a particular element that enhances the thrilling gameplay experience.

Lies of P: The Growing Terror Within the Narrative

The Growing Terror Within the Narrative

In "Lies of P," the player embarks on a journey with a character named 'P.' The narrative evolves gradually, revealing dark secrets and horrifying realities that were previously masked in pre-release trailers. The narrative also provides insights into Petrification Disease and the concept of carcasses. As P advances across the game's world, players witness first-hand the apocalyptic condition of the surroundings, which is reinforced by the intimidating foes that populate the land. Among these, mini-bosses, often posed optional challenges, pose a significant threat, often surpassing the standard bosses in difficulty.

Demystifying the Different Enemies & Mini-bosses

During the course of the game, players encounter various enemies. The smaller ones, similar to P's size, are regular foes. However, as the size of the enemies increases, determining whether they are true mini-bosses or merely oversized foes can be a challenge. Both categories are intimidating and demand players' thorough attention. For instance, a discernable mini-boss in "Lies of P" is the Mad Clown Puppet. On the other hand, tough and resilient enemies like the towering automatons, which drop valuable resources when defeated, could also be considered mini-bosses. Players battling these foes often have to endure a repetitive pattern of powerful attacks, especially the glowing red fury attacks.

The Fun of Challenging Bosses and Mini-bosses

The Fun of Challenging Bosses and Mini-bosses

"Lies of P" also features traditional bosses, significant to the game's story progression and usually much larger. They battle inside designated arenas accessed through a fog door. However, the real fun lies in the skirmishes with the sometimes more formidable mini-bosses willingly placed in the player's path. One such opponent is the jester enemy, which players encounter only twice in the game, creating memorable moments. Mini-bosses also offer sudden surprises, keeping the player on their toes, like the monstrous carcass enemy that manifests a shield instantly and can pose a significant nuisance over time.


Mini-bosses play a valuable role in "Lies of P," keeping the thrill alive and the hearts racing. They enhance the gameplay experience and provide that extra edge that makes players eager to delve deeper into the game. So, it's not just about vanquishing the main bosses, but also the satisfaction of tackling unexpected mini-bosses in this stunningly terror-filled yet captivating Soulslike game.