Mastering Hu Tao in Genshin Impact: A Detailed Guide

Tania Dzibuk


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For many fans of Genshin Impact, the fiery Pyro DPS prowess of Hu Tao is a game-changer. Not only does she bring incredible damage to the table, but she is also surprisingly accessible for free-to-play players. While her HP-reliant abilities might seem intimidating, with the right knowledge, you can maximize Hu Tao's potential without fear.

Understanding Hu Tao's Unique Abilities

Understanding Hu Tao's Unique Abilities

Hu Tao thrives on the edge. Her 4th ascension passive, Sanguine Rouge, increases her damage when her health drops below 50%. Although this might seem risky, it doesn't have to be. Your team selection can compensate. If you include a solid healer or shielder, you can balance risking Hu Tao's HP with the potential for boosted damage.

Making the Most of Elemental Skills

Despite Hu Tao being charged-attack-focused, it's different from her normal attacks that you should prioritize. Instead, level up her Elemental skill first. This skill gives her charged attacks a buff, changing them to Pyro-infused and enhancing her damage output. However, using her Elemental skill comes with a health drain cost. Again, seeking balance with your team composition can offset this risk.

Weapons and Damage

A critical part of maximizing Hu Tao's damage is her weapon. The five-star Staff of Homa greatly increases her potential. However, if you're a free-to-play player, you could still utilize the three-star Black Tassel. This weapon focuses on HP, which synergizes well with Hu Tao as her damage increases based on her max HP.

Boosting your Team with Flutter By

Boosting your Team with Flutter By

Once you've activated Hu Tao's Elemental skill, her first ascension passive, Flutter By, comes into play. When her Paramita Papilio state ends, the Crit Rate will increase by 12% for all team members — except Hu Tao. This boosts your sub-DPS heroes considerably if timed right.

Addressing the Stamina Challenge

Being a charged attacker, Hu Tao is prone to high stamina consumption. This initially daunting aspect can be managed with careful team rotation and could even become less of an issue with her C1 constellation that entirely removes stamina consumption during her Elemental skill.

Optimal Burst Usage

Last but not least, Hu Tao's burst is something that requires careful handling. Misutilized it may result in a disappointing amount of damage. However, when it's activated while her skill is still active, it can hit hard in terms of AoE Pyro damage and provide self-healing — an indispensable aspect of Hu Tao's daredevil-esque playstyle.

Optimal Burst Usage

With a solid understanding of her mechanics, Genshin Impact's Hu Tao can be a unique and potent addition to any team. It's ultimately a game of risk and reward, and with the right management, Hu Tao's rewards certainly outweigh the risks.