Clash of the Titans: Google Stadia vs. PlayStation 4 Pro

Austin Dean


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There are some ways to play video games. You are free to make your choice, and sometimes this task is not easy because it is like to compare apples and bears. One solution does not provide apparent advantages as to every issue, but you can prefer a certain way as it suits you most. Now we are going to talk about Google Stadia and PlayStation 4 Pro. Both variants are full of benefits, but still there is a difference, and we think it is important to understand it. Let's start our research!

Think twice

Google Stadia

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First, we would consider a comparatively new solution which has brilliant potential as the experts say. But there are non-believers which doubt in its success. We are prone to believe that this technology will change the gaming industry when it is polished and all bugs are fixed. Don't you know yet what Stadia is? This is a free cloud gaming platform developed by Google. Though currently you are expected to pay a subscription fee but starting from 2020 it will be completely free.

You enter this platform and see games of various genres and by different producers. All that you should do to start playing is to select a game and pay for it. No equipment like a physical console is needed because Stadia is a cloud service. You can use it on almost any device running Google Chrome, like your mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and even television with Google Chromecast Ultra. Mind that there are limits for smartphones. And even quality and version of your device do not matter as far as everything is streamed from Google's Data Center.

The platform is simple and fast. The assortment of games is interesting but not very rich. Though, almost any of the items are of high quality. The library is planned to be added with new releases, so you will hardly feel a lack of fresh experience in the nearest future. This store function is enriched with the ability to play the game right on this platform provided that you have a required screen. That' it! Forget about those consoles and various tools and enjoy the high quality of games even on your mobile devices.

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Google Stadia offers free games and discounts, though in order to get access to them you should upgrade to the $10 per month version. The free membership does not deliver free games or discounts. Stadia offers just 31 games. This number will increase, but now you have only this choice at your disposal. And what is tempting is that some developers are making games just for this service, at least it sounds like that. It means that you will not find them on PlayStation.

Performance varies depending on Internet connection as far as games are streamed over Stadia. The developer promises, that if you execute proper testing at Google's Data Centers, the games will run smoothly.

As far as Stadia streams the games directly to a device, you are not expected to download and install them on your device. Nothing of the kind! You will not buy hard disk drives or solid-state drives to provide enough storage. Using this platform, you will never run out of storage.

What about drawbacks? There are some disadvantages, but they are not crucial, and most of them will be improved soon. As far as you cannot play offline, you are recommended to find a reliable internet provider. Your Internet connection should be stable and powerful. This service is available in a restricted number of regions. The poor collection of games was discussed above. Nothing else is worth to be mentioned in this regard.

PlayStation 4 Pro

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If you want to benefit from features of PlayStation 4 Pro, you should have a physical console, television or monitor and capability to connect all these elements. Also, you will need a DualShock 4 controller with a common stick layout, but still it differs from a controller intended for Stadia. As you understand, all those things have their price increasing your expenses.

You do not need a subscription when you are going to play games on PlayStation 4 Pro, but you are expected to become a member of a PlayStation Plus community if you want to play online multiplayer in most cases. And that membership is not free. For the first year, you should pay $60. This price includes a range of additional benefits, including discounts, free games every month, and extra cloud storage.

As for the assortment, PlayStation's catalog provides users with over 2 000 titles. Here you will find the most popular games and the latest releases. The number will increase for PlayStation 5, as Sony has announced. By the way, the developer has its own game studios creating exclusive games which are not available in other places.

In terms of performance, PlayStation 4 Pro and Google Stadia are almost equal. But the reliability differs. If a developer manages to optimize the games for PlayStation, you will enjoy them without bugs and lags.
There are two exclusive services here: PS4 Remote Play and PlayStation Now. The former can be compared to Google Stadia as far as it allows you to play from a wide choice of devices including a smartphone, but still you should have a PlayStation 4 console. The latter is a streaming service for PS4 based on subscription, which streams games to a console or PC and you will pay $20 per month.

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Both digital and physical games of PlayStation must be downloaded and require quite a lot of space on a hard drive. The size of the game depends on its type. And do not forget that you need the space required to run the system. If you are a frequent gamer, you will have to buy a separate HDD or SSD or to uninstall the games on your PS4 Pro and download them every time you want to play, and that takes time.

What about drawbacks? Yes, reliability cost more, and you will pay fourfold compared to Stadia, and that amount does not include the price of hardware. You are restricted in place you can play in, and in storage, you can use to download the games.


We agree that the possibilities and perspectives of Google Stadia are appealing. But this idea is to be proved. For right now we are impressed by the ability to play on the go on almost any platform and by 4K gaming at 60FPS, but it is important to try the service for some time to ensure that it simply works. Currently, we confirm that Stadia suggests beneficial exclusive features. First, it is very affordable being inexpensive compared to PlayStation. Then, it is supported by several devices. You can use Google Assistant to make playing easier. But as we have mentioned the Internet speed is vital for the smooth gaming experience. And for the time being it is available for a small number of regions while PlayStation is available worldwide. And there is another temporary item - there are only 31 games in its library. And that is not too much even if they are exclusive.

As to PlayStation 4 Pro, this hardware is time-proved and delivers a stable gaming experience as well as 4K resolution and 60FPS. Here also you can rely on exclusive games – but the total amount makes over 2 000 items, and that is much more compared to Stadia possibilities. All games should be downloaded, and that is not good. There are other benefits, including PSVR. Here not everything depends on the Internet connection. But it is rather expensive and cannot boast of unlimited storage. You can play it only at home or some premises equipped with particular elements. And we think you will feel a lack of features in particular after trying Stadia.

Both of the above services are compatible with virtual reality, but Stadia does not have VR games in its current assortment. Things may change very quickly.

As you see, neither solution is perfect, but they are different, that is why you can choose the most appropriate for you. Naturally, users are looking to play with the best performance, and in this case, they will prefer a PlayStation 4 Pro. Those who do not care about reliability but need access to games anywhere they want to play will definitely prefer wireless cloud service. In addition, in this case, you will get stunning features and a lower barrier of entry.

We believe that these two possibilities will coexist at the market. And it is difficult to forecast rating due to the evident difference, which makes them be considered as various categories. If you want traditional reliable playing at home – choose PlayStation 4 Pro and do not complicate your life. But if you are traveling or want to have access to the games at any place you are located at without any equipment, you have no choice but use Google Stadia – a unique platform with such functionality.