Prototype for Canceled PS2 Daredevil Game Revealed After Two Decades

Austin Dean


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Lost media connoisseurs and Marvel enthusiasts can now rejoice as a prototype for the canceled PlayStation 2 game Daredevil: The Man Without Fear has finally emerged from the shadows after two decades. Apart from being a slice of retro gaming history that seemed forever lost, it has now been resurrected and made available to the public. This not only includes footage of the once-doomed Daredevil game but also a downloadable prototype that can be played.

SolidSnake11, an undercover developer from 5,000 Ft. Studios, which had initially worked on the game, posted the build on Hidden Palace, a website dedicated to preserving retro games. The canceled game was a third-person adventure beat 'em up and was initially slated for publishing by Encore for platforms including PS2, PC, and Xbox.

Originally set for a 2003 launch, Daredevil: The Man Without Fear had made significant strides in its development, including a few established storylines, environments, and gameplay systems. However, after a postponement of its release, the game faced cancellation triggered by disagreements within the development team and a lack of clearance by Marvel. The archives from the 5,000 Ft. Studios site reveal that the completed game was intended to incorporate elements from the original Daredevil comic books’ artwork, familiar characters like Elektra, Bullseye, Kingpin, the Hand, along with unique weapons such as radar sense and the billy club and grappling hook.

Fans can now download and play the PC version of the Daredevil: The Man Without Fear prototype or enjoy a sneak peek through gameplay footage available on YouTube.

The Daredevil character could potentially have a gaming redemption opportunity, with suggestions of Matt Murdock making a guest appearance in an upcoming Marvel’s Spiderman 2 DLC, as hinted by Easter eggs and those from the game’s Creative Director.