Gen.G Has Released All Members Of Its PUBG: Battlegrounds Roster

Austin Dean


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The South Korean esports entity, Gen.G Esports, has opted to disband its player lineup and coaching staff for its PUBG: Battlegrounds division in light of subpar performances. As a result, the organization has severed its association with its former team members, casting uncertainty on its future endeavors within the competitive landscape of PUBG.

Consequently, players including Cha "Pio" Seung-hoon, Hwang "DG98" Dae-Kwon, Kang "Taemin" Tae-min, Seong "Seongjang" Jang-hwan, along with their coach Go "Esther" Jeong-wan are now without an organization, opening up possibilities for them to seek new avenues in their professional careers.