Creator of Fallout Contributes to the Development of The Outer Worlds 2

Austin Dean


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The esteemed team at Obsidian Entertainment is mustering its considerable expertise to develop The Outer Worlds 2. Although Tim Cain, the mind behind Fallout, has stepped away from active duty, he remains a valuable source of guidance for the crew charting new territories in the upcoming sequel of the 2019 breakthrough RPG.

During an interview with Rock, Paper, and Shotgun, Cain, I generously shared details about his advisory role in the forthcoming project. "There are ambitions for the follow-up that I obviously can't disclose, but they sometimes call for my input because it echoes work I've undertaken previously," he disclosed.

He elaborated on the nature of his counsel, noting, "At times, it's more about highlighting potential dangers rather than dictating decisions – pointing out the vast pitfalls that could derail their progress, which they'll have to navigate around deftly."

Anticipation for The Outer Worlds 2 continues to build, even as it remains in the pipeline some time after its 2021 announcement. In the interim, Obsidian has poured its resources into crafting Avowed, their forthcoming fantasy RPG, with a launch anticipated later in the year.