The Toughest Puzzles in Pokémon Games

Austin Dean


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If you are a real Pokémon fan, you have to know about the difficulties that may appear with various puzzles you see in games. We gathered them here and ranked from the hardest to the easiest. While there are not so many puzzles in games, as the Pokémon series is mainly focused on battles between cute creatures, they can be a real pain… well, in your back. Usually, we can see puzzles in gyms where we solve them to become gym leaders.

Sky Pillar

Sky Pillar pokemon screenshot

This puzzle stops players from entering the top floor in Hall of Fame. You meet it in the Ruby and Sapphire game. Going to the Sky Pillar, you may be worried only about Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza. But not so fast! The fight happens only on the final floor. Before that, you have to pass through the cracked rocks, floors, and even a maze of doors.

You have to go across different floor pieces without stopping. If you stop, you will fall to the previous level. You will have to start everything from the beginning.

Mossdeep City Gym

Mossdeep City Gym pokemon screenshot

Gym leaders have created various puzzles in almost all departments in the Hoenn area. They attack you at the same time and cause you enough trouble even without it. These puzzles are different from Ruby in Sapphire puzzles.

They are more intense but have to follow the basic version. You have to keep track of where you are standing in the gym and where you have been before. Use some kind of mnemonic technique if you need, because it looks difficult to keep following your movements.

City Gym of Vermilion

City Gym of Vermilion pokemon screenshot

Sometimes gyms can be difficult to pass not because of hard puzzles inside, but because of no control over their success. Take a look at Vermilion City Lt. Surge’s gym. It makes all your efforts to succeed completely random. Everything depends on your luck.

You will have to find 2 switches among trash cans if you want to go to the leader. Locations of switches are random. If you don’t find them in the order, you will have to start from the beginning.

Seafoam Islands

Seafoam Islands pokemin screenshot

You have to run back and forth, trying to solve this puzzle. And the worst is that you have to climb up and down ladders. Your navigation skills must be incredibly good, or else you may lose. But if you show impressive skills, you will be able to find Legendary Articuno in the cave. The puzzle is extremely difficult even for us.

You have to push in different directions various boulders, and fall down certain holes. You will also have to navigate the maze made of rocks, entrances to the cave, and streams. Moreover, depending on the path you choose, the outcome may be less successful, even though you’ve tried really hard and made everything flawless.

Silph Co.

Silph Co. pokemon screenshot

And here is another tile puzzle for you. You have to go through numerous mazes trying to catch the Team Rocket. And Silph Co. is a real deal. Their headquarters look terrifying with all their offices, rooms, hallways, and almost no elevators.

You have to use teleporter tiles if you want to go from one floor to another. It may be even more challenging than trying to get to the right place. There will be various Rocket baddies who will try to fight you, while you wonder which way to go.

Ice Path

Ice Path pokemon screenshot

It was difficult enough to defeat Pryce, Johto’s 7th leader of the gym. And now you have to go through the Ice Path, navigation Route 44. It is the only way to go to Blackthorne City last gym. The puzzle is so hard, you may spend there hours. Prepare to notice everything on your way and think out of the box, as you may get stuck there.

You can notice a few similarities with the Seafoam Islands puzzle. You will have to slide on the ice picking the right directions and pushing the boulders that are required. Use only the proper holes that you see in the ground. If you miss anything, you may lose.

Teleporters of Sabrina

Teleporters of Sabrina pokemon screenshot

Yes, if you are tired from teleporters, here is another one, don’t thank us. This one is a real piece of history. This place was the first one that received its own teleporter in the Pokémon series. Sabrina is waiting in the Saffron City gym. You will find her in the last room. Each of the rooms before hers has up to 3 different warp tiles that may send you to a new room.

You will have to find your way from this craziness without losing your mind completely. The main goal is not to follow your steps again and again. We recommend you look into the guide, as it will save you a significant amount of time.

Furfrou Chase

Furfrou Chase pokemon screenshot

Generation VI games may not be for you if you hate rival battles that appear randomly, without any warning. You will receive four different friends that will go with you all along the Kalos. If you are not ready for unpredictable situations, check out other games.

It is getting only harder when you have to help Furfrou runaway in the garden of Parfum Palace. You will be able to work together with Shauna to gather the heard of Pokémon in the corner of the maze. But don’t expect a lot of help from Shauna. You will face numerous difficulties to make her stand where you need. Furfrou will not listen to you as well and can run in the opposite direction to where you show.

Regi Hunting

regi trio pokemon screenshot

You have to catch the Regi trio. But before that, you will have to catch one specific Pokémon, using different moves and reading braille. The worst thing is that these moves don’t have to work there.

You will have to find Regigigas after you get at least three Regis. You will have to nickname the Pokémon for that and get a few specific items. Try your best to pass this incredibly hard puzzle.

Snowpoint Gym

Snowpoint Gym pokemon screenshot

This is one of the most difficult puzzles. The puzzle from the Snowpoint City gym will consume all your time until you figure out how to act. It requires you to go through the icy path to the leader of the gym. You will have to slide in different directions.

And prepare to meet the snowballs that are sitting on top of the ice. You will have to smash them at high speed. And after that, they will be turned into another obstacle on your way.

Which Puzzle is the Worst?

They all are difficult. Some puzzles are even located in the overworld. Some of them are a little bit easier, others almost unsolvable without extra help from your friends. Check out the top puzzles in Pokémon games and share your thoughts here, in the comments.